Carolyn's Pet Care makes every effort possible to make your experience with us a positive one. Our best way to accomplish this is by receiving feedback from you. Reviews, comments or suggestions may be submitted on one of the sites below or...............to make it easier, you may use our Contact Form and we will post it for you. Either way, your time and opinions are much appreciated. Thank you, Carolyn

 November 13, 2016  

Carolyn has walked 3 of my dogs for the past 3 years. She is very trustworthy and has key to my house. When I say "Carolyn" in my house all of my dogs bolt to the door. She regularly sends videos, pictures and text updates about how the pups are doing. Not only does she exercise them, but she also teaches them manners.

T.G - Rancho Palos Verdes

November 19, 2016

Carolyn is absolutely terrific.  She is passionate, honest, kind, knowledgable, hard working, conscientious, and, above all, loves dogs and they love her.  Our dog knows when she is coming (the ding of my cell phone's text message alert) and happily runs to the door.  When we recently remodeled our home and needed extra help with our dog, Carolyn was super and went out of her way to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible during all the chaos.  I appreciate that she sends me photos and videos of our dog playing under her watchful eye.  We've all noticed that Carolyn has reallly made a difference in our dog's socialization and has helped her to gain confidence and to interact well with other dogs.  She provides a positive, calm, safe, and nurturing environment! I could not ask for more - I highly recommend Carolyn!

Helen H - Rolling Hills Estates

November 7, 2016

Carolyn has been taking care of our yellow lab Scout for 2 years. Scout is now 6 years old and in the best shape ever. Whether you need boarding or walking Carolyn takes care of it all. Truly you can go away and know that your pet is in the best of hands. I would also highly recommend her pet socials . They have been instrumental in getting my lab back in the best shape of his life. I highly recommend........ Too bad she doesn't take kids                                      
 Karen H. - Rolling Hills Estates

Much Better than Boarding - July 27, 2016

My husband and I moved to our new home two years ago and by chance I saw Carolyn's business card one day and called her. Besides needing her sitting services, I needed her expertise with dog training. At that time, our two mini Australian dogs were puppies. Two years later I have better behaved dogs with leash walking and social behaviors towards other dogs. I have piece of mind when I travel knowing my two dogs and cats are well taken care of. So much better than boarding. Thanks Carolyn you are wonderful.

Jody St. John - Palos Verdes Estates 

           Luke and Cody

July 4, 2016  

Carolyn is great! She has been taking care of our two cats and 
apartment whenever we travel for the last two years. She is kind and conscientious, and even helped me to figure out a better litter box situation in our rather tiny space. Carolyn sends regular video updates and photos of our pets while we travel, gets our mail, waters the plants, and airs out the house on a regular basis when we are gone. I couldn't be happier with her service!

Jennifer C - Rancho Palos Verdes

           Augie and William 

Grateful - June 14, 2016

Carolyn is absolutely fantastic with animals and I highly recommend her services! My 9-month old Great Dane was having a very difficult time on walks- constantly pulling at the leash and barking and jumping at the people and dogs we passed. Very quickly after starting group walks and dog socialization with Carolyn, my dog's entire demeanor changed. She is now incredibly calm and her interactions with other dogs have improved dramatically. Carolyn not only helped train my puppy, but also gave me incredible feedback as an owner on 
how best to continue to train certain behaviors. Carolyn is                         Jazzy                             very passionate about her work and I am so grateful for all that                                                     she has done for me and my pup! 
                                                                  Christa Slaught - Rolling Hills

April 16, 2016

Carolyn is an exceptional dog walker and trainer. I originally hired her to walk my two large dogs just for the purpose of them getting exercise when I had a hectic work schedule. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that she also trained them on the walks. She worked wonders with both my dogs--one who was nervous and clingy and the other who was nervous and aggressive. Both dogs transformed with her assistance. They became confident and quiet on the leash, barking became a thing of the past, and they became far more obedient. I also learned a great deal from her. I highly recommend Carolyn!

Karen S - Redondo Beach - Palos Verdes Estates

January 7, 2015

It makes sense that many of the comments on Carolyn's website have much to do with her phenomenal character, and not just her gift with animals. This New Years, unfortunately our travel accommodations did not book a pet-friendly hotel. Although Carolyn wasn't able to see Roxy, she was very kind in helping us find someone who was. She even contacted me afterward to make sure everything went smoothly. I have never met Carolyn but if she treats pets half as well as she treats someone she has never met, they will be in great hands. If we ever plan to visit here again I will be sure to contact her (far in advance).

Kay A.

Excellent Service - February 20, 2015 

Carolyn's been helping me with my puppies since they were tiny. I rely on her to care for them whenever I'm out for the day or away on a trip.She's been so dependable and they enjoy her so much that I don't feel guilty when I have to leave them. She does much more than walk them - she trains them, plays with them, and genuinely loves them. The pups are always delighted to see her. I appreciate her text updates to tell me how they're doing or what field trip she has planned for them.  
Kath M. -  Rolling Hills Estates  

            Zeke and Toshi

September 17, 2015

Carolyn has been a wonderful addition to our family! We have two small Jack Russell pups and from the beginning Carolyn has been our guiding light and best pet sitter. Two years ago Carolyn trained our pups to behave and listen, which is no small task with a Jack Russell. She walks them for us when needed and is a GREAT dog sitter when we are away. Our pups are always happy after they have been with Carolyn. She has also socialized them well with many other breeds and sizes of dogs. Our dogs feel comfortable in any given situation with other dogs and we credit it to Carolyn's easy                     Mazie and Archie                   manner with her dog groups. Thanks Carolyn for being                                                                   there for us and loving our dogs!
                                                         Katherine H. - Rancho Palos Verdes 

Heartfelt Thank You - December 23, 2014

This testimonial is long overdue. One year ago today, it was our good fortune to find Carolyn, by referral, for our then nine month-old German Shepherd puppy, Koda. Koda was sweet, well-socialized to both dogs and humans, yet often disrespectful and obstinate. We hired Carolyn as Koda’s weekly dog walker, and to our pleasant surprise, we got so much more! On Day 1 she went to work, training Koda to walk properly on-leash, teaching him to come when called, to wait, sit, and do all things an obedient dog should do. We loved that she sent us video during each outing so we could observe Koda’s progress and her techniques. Within two weeks, she was successfully training Koda to walk off-leash! Since then, Carolyn has taught Koda good behavior like patience and playing with other dogs without being aggressive, and she has 
socialized him to non-canine animals like cats and horses. Koda has also spent many overnights with Carolyn when we have been called out of town. We trust her completely - she cares for him as if he was her own and that brings such peace of mind. She never neglects to text us updates during his visits, and we love when she sends pictures and video so we can see he is enjoying his stay (which undoubtedly he is!). Last month, when we were stuck at Washington Dulles airport and unable to make it home as scheduled, Carolyn had no issue keeping Koda for an additional two nights. Working with her is so easy that way. For anyone reading this, know that Carolyn is the consummate professional. She is reliable, timely, and quickly responds to messages despite her busy schedule. When asked, she is honest with her opinion, and she has always given us the right amount of guidance needed to handle a maturing, energetic puppy. If you are looking for someone to care for your dog, whether it is overnight or just during the day with a walk or doggy social, look no further than Carolyn’s Pet Care. It will be one of the best decisions you can make for your pooch. Carolyn is so much more than a dog walker. She is a wealth of information and truly understands canine behavior. Carolyn continuously impresses us with her knowledge and passion for her work. To Carolyn – a sincere, heartfelt thank you for the care you give our Koda each week. You have been the most positive influence on him, helping him develop good manners and poise. We feel so blessed to have you in Koda’s life, we only wish we had found you much sooner! You are the best!

Traci and Scott

Helpful - November 14, 2012
My mother-in-law was released from the hospital last week after spending 10 days in treatment for an illness. Since being released, today was her first day walking alone to Highridge Park.  While there, she tripped and fell, injuring herself. I learned of the incident when Carolyn drove my mother-in-law home in her car. I was so grateful since my mother-in-law's face was bleeding and her glasses were broken. We are thankful for Carolyn's help and care. I am sure she handles all the animals the same way. We have two dogs and will contact her soon.
My best regards, 
Andy in Rancho Palos Verdes

Carolyn - She Paints the Total Picture - October 22, 2012

Over a year ago, I adopted a Maltese from hell, an 8 year old, neutered male who was the prize “Alpha” dog. After 8 years, his owners decided they didn't want him any longer when they moved overseas. (I’ll never understand how people can just throw their pets away.) Needless to say, he was suddenly homeless and up for adoption. Why my neighbor thought he would be the perfect little dog for me, I’ll never understand. I already had my hands full with a special needs dog and an upcoming surgery. Needless to say, I adopted this little boy who turned out to be a handful of trouble straight out of the gate. It appeared that “Nicky” must have had little to no interaction with the outside world as he came with a great deal of aggression. It didn't matter if it was human or dog; he would bite, and not a gentle bite. Almost to the bone of my finger on one occasion. Following several sessions with a well known
                Nicky                        trainer in the area, he steered me towards Carolyn Smith. He
                                                believed her experience working with behavioral dogs, her data base of dogs to pull from for assistance, and her patience and tenacity could benefit Nicky. I had nothing to lose. Carolyn came over, Nicky tried to bite her more than once and then Carolyn went to work. That was October 2011. Today, October 2012, I can tell you that Nicky is not the same little dog that arrived on my doorstep one year ago. This once aggressive and fearful pup now happily jumps into Carolyn’s car to say hello to the other dogs, and greets both dogs and humans on the trails in a respectful and often playful manner. He isn’t 100 percent yet (to me he is), but my neighbor (who initially found him), says the difference is like night and day. I was very serious when I say that Carolyn paints the “total picture”. Not only does she work with the dogs (all pets actually), she often has the task of working and training the owners. Having had dogs all my life, I truly never realized how much there was to know. From how much to food to give Nicky to learning how to treat him like a dog and not like a human, Carolyn had her work cut out for her. Nicky and I were not the easiest students but Carolyn didn't give up on either of us. As a result, today I have a really happy "dog", and Nicky has a very happy owner (when she toes the line).
Thank you Carolyn – you are the best!
Marge Silveira - Palos Verdes Estates

May 30, 2011

Carolyn saved us - I started working again and could not leave my dog home alone all day. She walks Ginger and spends time with her and cares for her as if she were her own dog.  I have complete peace of mind knowing that Carolyn is taking care of her - she is very reliable and my dog loves her!

Carrie Starkman- Rancho Palos Verdes


November 20, 2011

We met Carolyn while walking our adopted puppy Kiana in the neighborhood. Kiana is a loving husky/shepherd who was very dog aggressive.  Although she completed puppy classes and one-on-one training with another trainer, she was still fearful of other dogs, and a handful, to put it mildly. Carolyn has been taking Kiana on group walks and playtimes in her yard for over six months and Kiana is a totally different dog.  She obeys commands and loves to jump in Carolyns car to see which of her buddies she gets to see that day.  We can walk the neighborhood without reactions to other aggressive dogs. Truly an amazing transformation! We can't thank you                    Kiana                                enough for helping us with our girl!                    

                                                           John and Karen B. - PVE                  

 March 10, 2010
 Carolyn has a special gift with animals
 Malcolm S - Rolling Hills

Best Pet Sitter in Rolling Hills - July 4, 2010
I called Carolyn at the last minute when I had to go out of town unexpectedly the following day. She willingly came to my home the night before to meet my two dogs and to get a feel for the house. I felt entirely comfortable with Carolyn and made the decision to have her spend the night instead of just visiting. My home was spotless when I returned and my dogs were calm and content. I have used her once more since with the same positive results and recommend her to all my friends.
Connie - Rolling Hills  


The Best Care at Home - September 1, 2010 
Carolyn has cared for my 3 Whippets, cat and 5 tortoises several times. She is dependable and competent. She treats the "kids" just like her own and they love to see her! It's such peace of mind knowing they are all so well cared for right in their own home when I am away. A few months ago, Carolyn went far and beyond what was expected of her when she found out my Whippet Bailey had taken ill. She met me at the vet when she heard that I was going to have to say good-bye to him. Fortunately, it was not his time to go that day and we were able to spend another 4 months with him before we had to say good-bye. She will put her heart into your pets and give         Mom, Dad and Siblings               them the best care possible. I can't thank you enough.

                                                         Nykole Anderson - Rolling Hills Estates

September 10, 2010 

Wow was I impressed!!! First of all, it was Wed. and I going away for the weekend and last minute my dog sitter (mother in law) cancelled. So, I wasn't sure what to do bring my 2 dogs along, cancel or try last minute to find someone who my husband and I can trust.....and I was so happy and thankful I found Carolyn!!! She is respectful, professional, kind, concerned, gave me updates daily!!! I would definitely have her take care of my pups!  :) thank you Carolyn
Lina C. - San Pedro

Very Helpful- October 27, 2010  
I contacted Carolyn over the weekend as I was in need of a pet sitter for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Although Carolyn does not pet sit in Long Beach where I live, she did not drop the conversation but went out of her way instead to research and connect me with a couple of referrals. I was able to hook up with one of them and scheduled the dates that I needed covered. If this is an example of her work ethic, I would highly recommend her to take care of your pets.

Rosalie - Long Beach
Trustworthy and Caring - November 7, 2010 
My wife and I were skeptical about having someone we didn't know stay in our house while we went on vacation. Our fears began to diminish after meeting Carolyn for the first time. She immediately sat down on the floor to meet Doodle, our 10 year old Labrador. Carolyn remembered us telling her on the phone that Doodle had difficulty getting up due to arthritis so she immediately went to him so he wouldn't have to stand. We were softened by her caring manner. We had her come over two more times prior to our vacation so we could be sure Doodle would be in good hands. He was. Thank you Carolyn for caring for our boy.
Don and Sue - Torrance

Went Over and Beyond - November 17, 2010

Not only does Carolyn have a wonderful way of taking care of our cat Skittles, she also gives loving care to our plants and landscape. Recently when the temperatures soared well above 110 degrees, our sprinkler system broke at the worst possible time. Carolyn hand watered everything including a recently planted hillside, and it all survived.

Hal And Jean Brunner - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (Rest in Peace Hal)