Getting Acquainted
An in-person interview takes place prior to the scheduling of any new pet care service.  This is a complimentary meeting and provides an opportunity for everyone to get acquainted. During this time, pertinent information will be obtained to assure that your pets and home will receive the best care possible.  Please feel free to text, telephone or e-mail carolynspetcare@sbcglobal.net, or if you'd prefer, you may use the form below to get started. 
Please know that I respond to this contact sheet right away. If by chance you don't hear from me, your email may have not gone through. It happened recently where my emails were being sent to my junk file and I didn't know. I soooooo apologize. It is much safer to text or call me at 310-245-9553. I always respond to text even when in the field. Thank you!! I look forward to chatting with you. Carolyn 
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