Overnight Stays: Unfortunately, Carolyn's Pet Care no longer offers overnight service in clients homes.   
Boarding:  Boarding is a common request we receive, especially around the holidays and summer months. Carolyn's Pet Care normally boards dogs who already attend our socials or go on our hikes, allowing the transition to go very smoothly. Because the regulars are familiar with the routine and the other dogs, Carolyn's house feels like their second home, or Camp as it is usually called. One of the perks of being a regular is they also get to board as needed. Because of this, our limited spots fill quickly during certain times of the year. Boarding dogs we already work with also allows us to pick up and drop off at your home (in case of a schedule conflict) since we already have access to your dogs by having a key or code to your house. It can get tricky otherwise but we do our best to make it work.   

Accepting dogs for boarding that have never attended the socials or hikes is decided on a case by case basis. Smaller dogs under 30 pounds are usually okay as they are easy to train, and acclimate quickly to new surroundings. With a few exceptions, we normally don't board the larger dogs until they have spent some time with us either on a hike or a small social. We need to see how they interact before they stay the night. Again, we are all about safety. We recommend plenty of notice for the larger dogs so there is time to get to know them before boarding is needed.  

Regardless of size, assessments are mandatory for boarding new dogs and are conducted on our premises on a Saturday or Sunday. We do our best to work around your schedule but we need to see your dog in our environment to assess properly. Our goal is for everyone to be happy so we want to be sure your dog is a good fit to attend Camp.  All dogs 7 months are older must be spayed or neutered to be boarded.