"Our Ultimate Goal is Your Peace of Mind"
Carolyn's Pet Care offers Professional Pet Service for all types of pets, including (but not limited to) dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses, donkeys, and reptiles.
In business since 2005, we have had the honor and privilege of caring for animals of all shapes and sizes while our clients travel, are busy with work, or
simply buried in daily activities. Carolyn's Pet Care understands life sometimes throws curves so we do our best to accommodate last minute requests and emergency situations. 

  Although we care for all pets, when it comes to dogs, we
  specialize in socializing, teaching them proper etiquette in all 
   situations. For social hours, each dog is first trained to a             certain degree, then slowly mixed in with specific groups when   they are ready. This is not a dog park setting where dogs are
  allowed to roughhouse and dominate one another. This is a         supervised controlled setting where training is constant and         play is safe. We have learned the more trained a dog is, the       more friends it has and the more freedom it gets.  

  Whether you have a dog, cat or horse, it all begins with a "get acquainted" appointment. Please         contact Carolyn directly by telephone, e-mail carolynspetcare@sbcglobal.net or through the use of     our contact form.This meeting is complimentary and there is no obligation. It merely provides an       opportunity to get to know one another, answer any questions you might have regarding our             services, and to fill out the necessary paperwork to have on file. This will eliminate any delay should   pet care be warranted on short notice. We look forward to speaking with you.

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